Healing Waters SPA Massage
This is a classical or Swedish massage, given with long flowing strokes, firm or light, designed to relax and tone muscles, release toxins and lessen fatigue.  This also includes face and scalp massage.
60 minutes  -    $40. (no face & scalp massage)
60 minutes  -      55.
90 minutes  -      65.
Please note that many clients find face and scalp massage do add to their relaxation and request this massage.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue
More concentration on stressed muscles to release toxins, lessen pain and improve blood flow.  This massage does not necessarily cover the entire body; it can, but we want to concentrate only on the places where there is a risk of potential muscle spasms.  Treatment may include neuro-musclar or trigger point therapy.

60 minutes  $ 65.
90 minutes     85.

***Therapeutic Back Massage***
This massage provides relief in and around the neck area to open up spaces for your muscles and joints to be in their proper place.  Additionally, you have large muscles in the upper and mid-back region such as the trapezius (traps) and the latissimus dorsi (lats) that need attention, as well as the smaller muscles along the spine and glutes. Yes sore muscles in the glutes do contribute to back pain.

If you only have 1/2 hour to spare, this massage is for YOU.
30 minutes          $35.

Pregnancy (***3 months & up***)
A relaxation massage for our mothers-to-be which helps relieve back pain and is just plain relaxing!  You must be at least 3 months and this massage can be done up to the 9th month. 
60 minutes       $55

Heated Stone
Melt away stress & tension with a soothing heated stone massage that leaves you feeling tranquil, calm and comforted.  Very good for fibromyalgia and arthritis.
60 minutes     $65.

Essential oils are made and diffused from flowers and/or plants..They are infused
into a concentrated oil and is combined with our massage oil. This is NOT a deep tissue massage, but is designed for you to relax .  Lavender will help with that.  If you need some energy, then we will use Peppermint. 
60 minutes    $65

Therapeutic Reflexology  - Hands and/or feet
50 minutes  -  $50

Body Treatments*              
Approximately 1 hour for the following:

Body Scrubs
(temporarily unavailable.....updated products will be coming soon)

We also offer:

Peppermint Foot Scrub & Massage    -    $15.00

Face & Scalp Massage  (alone)                    15.00