"Thank you Deborah so much for coming out to my branch and treating us to a massage. Everyone loved the relaxing experience and talked about it all week.  I personally did not realize how tensed I was until I felt your magical hands on my back. It was truly pleasurable and I look forward to another magical experience with you soon."
Madeline Martinez
Bank Branch Manager

"I can't thank Deborah enough for helping make my wedding day memorable and relaxing. Deborah came to the hotel where my bridesmaids and I were getting ready for my wedding. Deborah brought her massage table, music and oils and gave each of the girls a 20 minute massage before we started getting our hair and make-up done. All of the girls LOVED their massage. Personally I cannot thank Deborah enough for being a part of my wedding day. I would recommend her massages to anyone, especially brides-to-be!"

Sarah L. McGonegal 
Attorney's office

"Before I started going to Deborah, I was taking an over-
the-counter pain relief medicine every day because I had pain in my feet, lower back and knees.  I first started by going to Deborah every two weeks, and noticed that I was feeling better.  Now I receive massages every week, I have less pain and don't take pain medication nearly as much as I used to."

Cynthia Whitaker

"Even though I do  a moderate amount of physical activity and am engaged with other projects, just to be able to take an hour out of my busy schedule for a massage with Deborah was very relaxing, energizing and exceptional.  Deborah has a high quality of  professionalism and I look forward to a continuous massage relationship with her."

Cantor William  Hauben